We are delighted to announce that History Masterclass is now running a schools’ programme holding Masterclasses at our partner schools.

We offer a variety of tiered partnerships with schools that are designed to enhance the value of the product that each school offers its students and their parents, staff, and the local community.

  • Our schools History Masterclasses inspire students by providing them with access to some of the country’s best known historians; add to their understanding of historical themes and events and of how to think like an historian; and help them forge contacts in historical research, public history and the media for their future benefit.
  • Each Masterclass provides a unique and outstanding side-benefit for parents and staff interested in history and will be attractive to the whole school community, as well as the local community, bringing everyone together.
  • By forming a partnership with History Masterclass schools acquire a novel and highly desirable selling point that will enhance the school’s reputation on an international stage.

If you would like your school to be one of our partner schools, please email us.

Current Schools Partners

   Uppingham School

Founded in Uppingham School has a long history and a keen awareness of the histories of its students. This year we will hold one Masterclass per term at Uppingham for students, staff and parents. This year Uppingham will be commemorating those who served in the First World War with a dedicated History Masterclass from Alexandra Churchill on the Battle of the Somme. Other Masterclasses are linked with Uppingham’s history curriculum: Suzannah Lipscomb has given a History Masterclass to Uppingham students on the witch-trials and Marc Morris will be leading a Masterclass on the Norman Conquest.

“The first History Masterclass at Uppingham was a great success. The talk given by Suzannah on 16th century witchcraft was entertaining, engaging and informative and both the pupils and their history teachers were evidently captivated throughout the entire two and a half hours. We are delighted to have two more Masterclasses booked later in the year and we can only see them becoming more popular.” Patrick Mulvihill, Development Director at Uppingham

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Stowe School

Stowe school in Buckinghamshire is located in Stowe House, one the UK’s finest Country Houses. Stowe is committed to the belief that the study of history is fundamental to the educational well-being of all societies, that the study of history provides essential skills for life and also joy through acquisition of knowledge of the past. Stowe also has a dedicated Arts programme for public events held at Stowe. This year we will be holding one Masterclass per term at Stowe, all linked to the subjects taught in the school. Sam Willis has offered a Masterclass on Nelson’s Navy, and future Masterclasses include Frank McDonough on the Gestapo and Helen Castor on the Wars of the Roses.

“The History Masterclass is everything you could hope for in extra-curricular extension. It combines an incredibly engaging format with genuinely challenging ways of thinking about the past. The sessions can transform the way in which pupils think about history and open up a world beyond the exam curriculum.” Paul Griffin, Head of History at Stowe


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